I’m Hannes Hetzer. And this is my personal website.


I'm ambitiously focused on creating

More than anything, I want to make lots of stuff. I want to make articles, websites, systems, side projects and especially new ideas.

This shapes most of my life decisions. Saying no to almost everything, so I can have lots of time for making.

I’ve optimized my life for creating. I’ve cut out most things from my life that most normal people do — (like media consumption) — in pursuit of my bigger goal.

For me, it’s how many useful things I create. If I create something that’s not useful to others, it doesn’t count. But I’m also not interested in doing something useful unless it needs my creative input.


I've been doing online marketing for more than 6 years now.

I’ve built lots of websites and brought tons of visitors to those via Google Ads and SEO.

I’ve bought and sold an e-commerce store in the past, as well as two affiliate websites (I am still holding one of them and I plan to own it forever).

If you are interested in my marketing services have a look at:

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